Price Prediction

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You can earn rewards with StarkDeFi's Price Prediction by putting your skills at predicting the crypto market to the test. Based on your market knowledge or intuition, you can predict whether the $SDC/USD or USD/ETH price will rise or fall. Win a share of the round's prize pool if you guess correctly!

Each player can choose between three separate prediction markets on StarkDeFi.

  • Users can predict the $SDC/USD price and earn rewards in $SDC.

  • They can also play using the ETH/USD price to earn ETH

  • Finally, they will have a chance to play using the Stark Token to earn more $STARK

In the Price Prediction, each player can make “high" or “low" predictions for a chance to earn rewards once the epoch has elapsed. For each round, the entry price of a user is called the "entry price," while the price at the end of the epoch is called the "closing price'.

Please note the following:

  • High predictions must have a "closing price" higher than a "entry price" to win

  • Low predictions must have a "closing price" that is lower than the "entry price" to win

The price distribution is calculated using the following formula: (Reward Ratio x Stake) x 95% (where 95% refers to the 5% maximum fee)

The reward ratio for long and short pools is subsequently calculated as follows: Long pool = Total value of long & short pools/value of the long pool Short pool = Total value of long & short pools/value of the short pool


If a prediction round has 45S $DC for a long pool and 80 $SDC for a short pool, the total reward pool will be 125 $SDC (i.e. 45 $SDC + 80 $SDC). If a user takes a long position for 5 $SDC and the winning round was a long position, the reward will be calculated as follows:

((125/45)*5)*95% = 13.194 $SDC or 1.64x of the initial stake

Please note that prizes for each round will be distributed from a prize pool collected from all price prediction entries. There will also be a time constraint for each prediction round, with users having the flexibility to make predictions based on either long or short sentiments.

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