StarkDeFi Mint

Note: WIP

As the next wave of creators and entrepreneurs experiment with Web3, StarkDeFi will provide these new users with "no-code” tools for generating NFTs, tokens, and other digital assets. Users can make their own tokens and NFTs with the StarkDeFi Mint with just a few clicks and for a small fee. The process of creating a token or NFT will be simplified into four easy steps:

  • The user signs into the StarkDeFi platform and navigates to the Mint page

  • The user then provides metadata that includes the token name, symbol, icon, and URL, if applicable

  • Once done, the user creates the token by clicking "mint."

  • After minting, the user has the option to issue or distribute the tokens as they please

Please note that multiple features can be added to the token mint for a fee; some examples include the following:

  • Auto buybacks

  • Tax (with a maximum of 5 wallets)

  • Reflection reward

  • Auto-burn

  • Auto-add LP

  • Antibot, etc

NFT minting follows similar steps and pricing, with users being able to issue and distribute NFTs with a few steps. Please note that all revenue from the StarkDeFi Mint program will be burned.

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