Adding Liquidity

You can add liquidity to StarkDefi by providing tokens in equivalent quantities to the pool. The lowest value of each token in the pair (in USD) will set a limit on the liquidity you provide. After choosing the pair, please follow the steps below to add liquidity:

Step 1: Visit the StarkDeFi DApp and locate Liquidity under AMM

Step 2: Click on "Liquidity"

Step 3: Read the information and select the token pair you want to add liquidity to.

Step 4: Enter your preferred amounts to add the tokens. Your position for the pool will be calculated and indicated below.

When adding liquidity to an existing pool, if you set the amount you want for one token, the amount you need for the other token is automatically calculated. For new pools, you set both amounts. Note that the ratio or the number of tokens will determine the price.

Step 5: When you're happy with your position, click "Supply" and confirm your supply in the window that appears.

Step 6: Approve the transaction in your wallet, and you just completed the process.

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