The StarkDeFi protocol is powered and enhanced by $SDC, a native governance token. StarkDeFi's product ecosystem is built around financial incentives like trading rewards, staking, yield farming, and a lot more. The $SDC token has a wide range of use cases that include:
  • Ability to vote on protocol proposals (i.e. governance function)
  • Usage across StarkDeFi staking and liquidity pools
  • Participation in Synergy pools and Price prediction models
  • Use as collateral in the Starknet ecosystem
  • Use in StarkDeFi launchpads to fund new projects
  • etc
The initial $SDC token distribution will be allocated based on the chart below:
StarkDefi Tokenomics
In the near term, $SDC will be traded on all the major crypto exchanges; please follow our social media channels for announcements on token listings.