Swap FAQ

What are the token options for swapping

You can swap any tokens listed on StarkDeFi. If the token you want to trade isn't there, you can import the tokens or ask a core contributor for help.

How safe are the transactions on StarkDeF

StarkDeFi is built using open-source software, and all the smart contract information used is publicly visible for any developer to query. StarkDeFi also uses the security features of both Starknet and Ethereum. This makes sure that all end users are as safe as possible.

What are the transaction costs associated with token swaps?

A fee of 0.30% is applied per trade. Please note that this fee excludes gas costs, which are much lower on Starknet compared to the Ethereum mainnet.

What will the funds in the StarkDeFi Treasury be used for?

The Treasury funds are used to cover expenses and community activities like giveaways, grants, and regional investor activations, etc.

What is the best wallet to use for token swaps?

Currently, there are only two wallet options on Starknet; Argent X and Braavos. See section 3.1 for further details.

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