StarkDeFi Functionalities


StarkDeFi will run on the Starknet, a layer-2 scaling solution on the Ethereum network. Starknet enables unlimited computational scale without impacting Ethereum's security or composability through a cryptographic proof system called STARK. As a result, users transacting on StarkDeFi will benefit from the high security of Starknet and Ethereum without any additional costs or latency.

High Performance

StarkDeFi will power transactions upwards of thousands in a fraction of a few seconds. This will be essential for larger institutional products like Custom Token Minting and StarkDeFi Launchpad, enabling crypto projects to launch tokens or NFTs for their end users using the StarkDeFi infrastructure.

Starknet Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Users of Starknet will have access to liquidity through StarkDeFi's automated market maker (AMM), which uses the constant product formula to pool liquidity.

Two asset pairs can be swapped, and a fee of 0.30% is applied on each trade, with 0.20% of this fee going to LP providers. The remaining 0.10% is allocated as follows:

  • 0.05% is sent to the $SDC burn schedule

  • 0.05% goes to StarkDeFi Treasury

More information on StarkDeFi's AMM is provided in the swap

Controlled Executions

StarkDeFi users will be equipped with controlled execution tools like limit orders, enabling them to trade assets at specific prices without going through centralized exchanges. StarkDeFi will provide functionality enabling traders to execute on positions based on parameters that fit their time horizon, price sentiment, or volatility expectations. Also, all of our products can work together, which makes it easy for our users to use these solutions.

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