DeFi moves fast, but StarkDeFi moves faster!

Our roadmap outlines some important stages in our product development cycle that will provide the best value possible to StarkDeFi users. Please note that the roadmap can be updated as new priorities emerge and is meant to serve as a guidepost for us as we continue to build financial products that will onboard the next wave of users onto Starknet.

Q1 2023

  • Seed round fundraise

  • Scale up development & design team

  • UI/UX design for Launchpad

  • Launchpad smart contract development

  • Expand functional teams (marketing and business)

  • Audit smart contracts (AMM & Launchpad)

  • Frontend development (Launchpad)

  • Internal Product Testing (Launchpad)

  • Private Testnet (Launchpad)

  • Testnet Launch

Q2 2023

  • Complete Farm & Limit order design

  • Farm & Limit order contract development

  • Frontend development

  • Price Feed integration & Internal Testing

  • Farm & Limit order Private Testnet

  • Testnet Launch

  • Complete technical documentation

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