Project Overview

What is StarkDeFi?

StarkDeFi is a decentralized suite of products built on Starknet, a layer-2 chain. Through StarkDeFi, users can do transactions like yield farming, staking, NFT minting, token issuance, and a lot more without spending a lot on gas fees.

With StarkDeFi, crypto users can swap tokens almost for free without impacting token security or platform stability. Additionally, StarkDeFi is developing a full suite of products relevant to crypto users, including blockchain developers, NFT creators, crypto exchanges, and investors.

Basically, StarkDeFi will make it easier and simpler for the "next-generation crypto user" to get started with crypto by creating a decentralized hub of innovative solutions that can be accessed at low cost.

Why StarkDeFi?

With Starknet's scaling solution, StarkDeFi is developing a suite of financial products to bridge the crypto gap for the next generation of users. StarkDeFi bridges a critical industry gap by allowing users to transact on StarkNet across a wide range of financial products and services.

Core Offerings

StarkDeFi's core product offerings will be utilized by many users across the crypto ecosystem, including retail token investors, DeFi projects, NFT creators, and institutional investors. Crypto users can access Starknet through StarkDeFi's basket of products tailored to their daily needs.

The table below provides an overview of StarkDeFi's products and target audiences.

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