Get Ethereum on Starknet

There are many ways to bridge Ethereum, or any supported asset, into Starknet. Bridges such as StarkGate, developed by the StarkWare team, and Orbiter make it easy to bridge from any supported chain into Starknet. To make it even easier, the guys at Layerswap can get your Ether from any supported CEX to Starknet. Visit any of the bridges to get your Ether onto Starknet.

Goerli Testnet ETH

The easiest way to move over Ethereum to Starknet is through the Goerli faucet.

Step 1: Enter the appropriate address for your Argent X or Braavos wallet

Step 2: Click the verification box below and “Send Request.”

Step 3: Funds will be deposited into your account shortly.

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