What is StarkDeFi?

The official documentation for StarkDeFi
WIP: expect future changes to the documentation.
StarkDeFi is building a hub of carefully curated decentralized financial solutions to demystify the complexities of adopting DeFi. From complete beginners to the OG Degens, there is something for everyone. Starting as a Starknet-native protocol, we plan to bring our suite of products to more users across other chains.

What to expect

With StarkDeFi, you can expect an all-encompassing array of decentralized financial products and services at a fraction of the cost you would pay on the Ethereum chain.
StarkDeFi allows users to perform a number of actions, including:
  • Swap assets with low gas fees.
  • Earn a majority share in swap fees.
  • Open long or short positions on a variety of crypto assets using limit orders.
  • Participate in exciting project launches.
  • Earn a share in platform revenue.
  • Earn lucrative rewards by participating in our selected earning programs.
  • Quickly bootstrap liquidity for your projects.
  • Build trust or schedule assets by locking and vesting tokens
  • and more to come...

Why we are building StarkDefi

Crypto users are familiar with the unpleasant experience of paying outrageous gas and service fees for small transactions. Also, security breaches and flaws in the way protocols work have made users less enthusiastic about using this revolutionary technology, which is here to stay. StarkDeFi wants to fill this gap by combining the scalability of Starknet with the security of Ethereum and a wide range of decentralized products that will unlock financial value for the entire crypto ecosystem.
StarkDefi Hub
StarkDeFi Labs is building financial products that will bridge the gap for the next wave of DeFi and crypto fans. These products will use Starknet's scaling solution, lowering gas fees and improving reliability. Crypto enthusiasts and technical users can use the benefits of Starknet, the premier decentralized ZK-Rollup on Ethereum, with StarkDeFi's solutions.
Starknet is going to be accessible to everyone, thanks to StarkDeFi!

Our Team

The StarkDeFi team is made up of creative technologists with years of experience putting blockchain solutions into place in different fields, such as finance and software development. We have a diversified team with members across functional areas like smart contract development, front-end development, marketing, community management, and product development.
StarkDeFi's goal is to get the next wave of crypto users on-chain by using Starknet's cutting-edge technology.
Some of our core team members include:
  • Patrick - Lead Ops
  • Iddriss - Lead Dev
  • Godsway - Lead Design
  • Neslisah - Chief Scientist
  • Sextus - Adviser